Indulge in
award-winning Nigerian
culinary delights

In the heart of Cambridge, our culinary journey is rooted in passion and driven by a desire to share the vibrant flavors of Nigeria with our community. Sunkame, our founder, embarked on this venture over a decade ago, driven by an unwavering love for food and a vision to introduce Nigerian cuisine to a new audience.

With a fervent dedication to authenticity, Sunkame infuses every dish with a piece of her heritage, crafting each meal with care and precision. Her commitment extends beyond the kitchen, as she strives to provide not just exceptional food, but also an unparalleled dining experience marked by warmth and hospitality.

At Afric Food, our mission is simple yet profound: to delight palates and forge connections through the universal language of food. Join us on this culinary expedition as we celebrate tradition, flavor, and the joy of sharing a meal together.